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Sapphire Gate Philippines

ADB Avenue Towers, ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig City


Sapphiregate Phil. Inc. is a real estate brokerage company, engaged in property project selling private small scale properties and big ticket cross deals (leasing arrangements, acquisition and disposition).

Established for almost a decade, it may have an impression as an offshoot from global companies in exist because its approach in undertaking resembles, in term of manner of implementations, scope of orientations and adherence to International standard of business ethics and policies.

Our profession is anchored primarily to tap the Filipino offshore market, assuming the role of promoting and assisting the stakeholders to convert their property purchases into active investments.

We have envisioned hosting services to middle income OFWs to position their hard-earned surplus and transpose it into an income generating assets via real estate acquisition and property leaving management.

Our property administration is backed up with a well-rounded managers functioned by “Horizons Possession” Committed to assist our investors to handle services covering from unit interior set-up(including design) up to property lease management. Parameter is set to ensure and maintain an “above the standard” needs of clienteles.

The quality of our expertise warrants our keen prerogative in determining the most merited property that we post in the marketplace. Prioritizing much consideration in terms of its strategic location and viability, to provide measures to calculate the risks in order to obtain and realize our clients’ indicative investment returns.

The merit of these statements are exemplified by our numerous clients that are currently served by our property managements company – “The Horizon Possession” of which we are continuously maintaining a strong clients’ relationship likewise business sustained.

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